- fractional calculus modelling
update 26 jan 01 




In this session we intend to present from time to time some brief key-notes and discussions that, in our opinion, are devoted to popularize the fractional calculus modelling. It is our hope that they can be understood also by the non specialits since we shall keep at minimum the technical details.

We start with some contributions to a Round Table Discussion "Physical and Geometrical Meaning and Applications of Fractional Calculus' Operators" held during the 2-nd International Conference "Transform Methods and Special Functions" held in Varna, Bulgaria, in August 1996. For the Proccedings edited by P. Rusev, I. Dimovski, V. Kiryakova, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia 1998, see:

  V Kiryakova, The longstanding conjecture failed?
pp. 579-588 (ps file 106 kb)
  R. Gorenflo, Afterthoughts on interpretation of fractional derivatives and integrals
pp. 589-591 (ps file 44 kb)
  F. Mainardi, Considerations on fractional calculus: interpretations and applications
pp.594-597 (ps file 58 kb)


The contributions reflect the personal view-points of the authors in 1996. From that time the interest in fractional calculus has been greatly developed and new results have been achieved. However, it may be worth to read these contributions with the to-day eyes and recognize which problems have been solved and which problems are still open.
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