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December 2002 - 021201

Article on Fractional Kinetics on Physics Today, November 2002

In the November issue of the journal PHYSICS TODAY (vol. 55, No 11, 2002, pp. 48-54) a noteworthy paper entitled FRACTIONAL KINETICS is appeared.
The authors Igor M. SOKOLOV (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany), Joseph (Yossi) KLAFTER (Tel Aviv University, Israel) and Alexander (Alex) BLUMEN (University of Freiburg, Germany) are well recognized scientists active in Theoretical Physics and Chemical Physics.
The purpose of the article is to divulge the utility of the fractional calculus ("It isn't the calculus we knew"). In the subtitle we read "Equations built on fractional derivatives describe the anomalously slow diffusion observed in systems with a broad distribution of relaxation times".

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