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October 2002 - 021002
Special Issue on Strange Kinetics

A special Issue of Chemical Physics (Elsevier Science, sciencedirect), edited by R. Hilfer, R. Metzler, A. Blumen, Y. Krafter on Strange Kinetics will appear soon.

Chemical Physics

Volume 284, Issues 1-2,
Pages 1-541 (1 November 2002)


Preface, Pages 1-2
R. Hilfer, R. Metzler, A. Blumen and J. Klafter

Quantum manifestation of Lévy-type flights in a chaotic system, Pages 3-11
A. Iomin and G. M. Zaslavsky

CTRW pathways to the fractional diffusion equation, Pages 13-27
Eli Barkai

Sub-exponential spin-boson decoherence in a finite bath, Pages 29-44
V. Wong and M. Gruebele

The most vulnerable, the least successful and other such extremes, Pages 45-57
Bruce J. West

Anomalous diffusion in polymer melts, Pages 59-66
W. Paul

Space- and time-fractional diffusion and wave equations, fractional Fokker¯Planck equations, and physical motivation, Pages 67-90
Ralf Metzler and Theo F. Nonnenmacher

Asymptotic relaxation of reversible bimolecular chemical reactions, Pages 91-102
Irina V. Gopich and Attila Szabo

Solvation dynamics and probe rotation in glass-forming liquids, Pages 103-114
Min Yang and Ranko Richert

Strange kinetics: conflict between density and trajectory description, Pages 115-128
M. Bologna, P. Grigolini and B. J. West

Photocarrier drift-mobility measurements and electron localization in nanoporous silicon, Pages 129-138
P. N. Rao, E. A. Schiff, L. Tsybeskov and P. Fauchet

Non-Debye dielectric relaxation in complex materials, Pages 139-168
Yuri Feldman, Alexander Puzenko and Yaroslav Ryabov

Subdiffusion-limited reactions, Pages 169-180
S. B. Yuste and Katja Lindenberg

Lineshape theory and photon counting statistics for blinking quantum dots: a Lévy walk process, Pages 181-194
YounJoon Jung, Eli Barkai and Robert J. Silbey

Membrane dynamics and structure factor, Pages 195-204
Anton G. Zilman and Rony Granek

Dielectric spectroscopy of glass-forming materials: \alpha-relaxation and excess wing, Pages 205-219
P. Lunkenheimer and A. Loidl

Strange kinetics of polymeric networks modelled by finite fractals, Pages 221-231
A. Jurjiu, Ch. Friedrich and A. Blumen

Stationary states of non-linear oscillators driven by Lévy noise, Pages 233-251
A. Chechkin, V. Gonchar, J. Klafter, R. Metzler and L. Tanatarov

Strange kinetics, porous media, and NMR, Pages 253-285
Rainer Kimmich

Anomalous relaxation kinetics of biological lattice¯ligand binding models, Pages 287-310
Erwin Frey and Andrej Vilfan

Anomalous defect diffusion near the glass transition, Pages 311-317
John T. Bendler, John J. Fontanella and Michael F. Shlesinger

Anomalous kinetics of heavy particles in light media, Pages 319-330
M. P. Kondrashin, S. Schaufler, W. P. Schleich and V. P. Yakovlev

Lévy flights in a quenched jump length field: a 1-loop renormalization group approach, Pages 331-340
Michael Schulz and Peter Reineker

Anomalous diffusion: nonlinear fractional Fokker¯Planck equation, Pages 341-347
C. Tsallis and E. K. Lenzi

Towards a unified framework for anomalous transport in heterogeneous media, Pages 349-359
Harvey Scher, Gennady Margolin and Brian Berkowitz

Subdiffusion and the cage effect studied near the colloidal glass transition, Pages 361-367
Eric R. Weeks and D. A. Weitz

NMR investigations of correlations between longitudinal and transverse displacements in flow through random structured media, Pages 369-388
Siegfried Stapf

Microtubules, motor proteins, and anomalous mean squared displacements, Pages 389-397
Hanna Salman, Yotam Gil, Rony Granek and Michael Elbaum

Experimental evidence for fractional time evolution in glass forming materials, Pages 399-408
R. Hilfer

Lévy flights in external force fields: from models to equations, Pages 409-421
D. Brockmann and I. M. Sokolov

Statistical approaches for probing single-molecule dynamics photon-by-photon, Pages 423-437
Haw Yang and X. Sunney Xie

Non-Debye relaxations in disordered ionic solids, Pages 439-467
Wolfgang Dieterich and Philipp Maass

Number fluctuations and the threshold model of kinetic switches, Pages 469-479
Ralf Metzler and Peter G. Wolynes

Extreme events as foundation of Lévy walks with varying velocity, Pages 481-505
Ryszard Kutner

Multidimensional symmetric anomalous diffusion, Pages 507-520
Vladimir V. Uchaikin

Discrete random walk models for space¯time fractional diffusion, Pages 521-541
Rudolf Gorenflo, Francesco Mainardi, Daniele Moretti, Gianni Pagnini and Paolo Paradisi