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January 2001 - 010104
Fractional calculus modelling: recent papers by M. Caputo (1998 - 2001)

Michele CAPUTO
Department of Physics,
University of Rome "La Sapienza,
Piazzale A. Moro,

M. Caputo:
Distributed order differential equations modelling dielectric induction and diffusion,
Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis (submitted, 2001)

M. Caputo and J. Colari:
An analytical model of the Fisher equation with memory functions,
Alternative Perspectives in Finance and Accounting, 2001. (in press)

M. Caputo:
Economy equilibrium equations with memory,
Proceedings Meeting dedicated to the memory of Dario Graffi, Bologna May 22-25, 2000, (in press) Atti Accad. Nazionale Lincei, 2001.

L. Belfiore and M. Caputo:
The experimental set-valued index of refraction of dielectric and anelastic media,
Annali di Geofisica, Vol. 43, No. 2, 207-220, 2000.

M. Caputo:
Models of flux in porous media with memory,
Water Resource Research, Vol. 36, No. 3, 693-705, 2000.

M. Caputo:
Physically consistent diffusion in media with memory,
Nuovo Cimento, Vol. 22 C, No. 3-4, 253-261, 1999.

M. Caputo and W. Plastino:
Diffusion with space memory,
Festschrift on Honor of Eric Grafarend, edited by Krumm F. und Schwarze V. S.,
Schriftenreihe der Institute des Fachbereichs Geodasie und Informatik, Report Nr. 1999.6, 59-67, 1999.

M. Caputo:
Diffusion of fluids in porous media with memory,
Geothermics, Vol. 28, 113-130, 1999.

M. Caputo:
The skin effect of the anelastic Earth,
Pure and Applied Geophysics, Vol. 156, 371-393, 1999

M. Caputo:
The Fisher equation in the light of memory,
Atti Accad. Sc. Ferrara, Vol. 76, 21-36, 1998-99

M. Caputo:
The set-valued unified model of dispersion and attenuation for wave propagation in dielectric (and anelastic) media,
Annali di Geofisica, Vol. 41, No 5-6, 653-666, 1998.

M. Caputo:
The density distribution of the fractured asperities on the surfaces of a fault.
Phys. of Earth and Planet. Int., Vol. 109, 9-23, 1998.

M. Caputo:
3-D Physically consistent diffusion in anisotropic media with memory,
Rend. Fis. Acc. Naz. Lincei, Vol. 9 (Ser 9), 131-143, 1998.

M. Caputo:
Evolutionary equilibrium equation between demand and offer,
Atti Accad. Scienze Ferrara, Vol. 75, 167-198, 1997-98.