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List of Publications and Conference Proceedings of Francesco MAINARDI

years 1996 - 1991

[60] F. Mainardi and R. Gorenflo :
The Mittag-Leffler function in the Riemann-Liouville fractional calculus,
in A.A. Kilbas (Editor), "Boundary Value Problems, Special Functions and Fractional Calculus", Byelorussian State University, Minsk 1996, pp. 217-227
[Invited Lecture, Proc. Int. Conf. for the 90-th birth anniversary of Academician F.D. Gakhov, Minsk, Byelorussia, 16-20 February 1996.]

[59] R. Gorenflo and F. Mainardi :
Fractional oscillations and Mittag-Leffler functions, pp. 22;
Preprint No. A-14/96, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Serie A Mathematik (1996).

[58] F. Mainardi :
The fundamental solutions for the fractional diffusion-wave equation,
Applied Mathematics Letters, Vol. 9, No 6, 23-28 (1996).

[57] F. Mainardi and P. Pironi :
The fractional Langevin equation: Brownian motion revisited,
Extracta Mathematicae, Vol. 11 (1), 140-154 (1996).

[56] F. Mainardi :
Fractional relaxation-oscillation and fractional diffusion-wave phenomena,
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 7 (9), 1461-1477 (1996).

[55] F. Mainardi :
The Time Fractional Diffusion-Wave Equation,
Radiofisika [Radiophys. & Quantum Electron.], Vol. 38 (1-2), 20-36 (1995).

[54] F. Mainardi, P. Pironi and F. Tampieri :
A numerical approach to the generalized Basset problem for a sphere accelerating in a viscous fluid,
in P.A. Thibault and D.M. Bergeron(Editors), "Proceedings CFD 95", Vol. II, pp. 105-112 (1995).
[3-rd Annual Conference of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Society of Canada, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 25-27 June 1995].

[53] F. Mainardi, P. Pironi and F. Tampieri :
On a generalization of the Basset problem via fractional calculus,
in B. Tabarrok and S. Dost (Editors), "Proceedings CANCAM 95", Vol. II, pp. 836-837 (1995).
[15-th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 28 May - 2 June 1995].

[52] F. Mainardi and M. Tomirotti :
On a special function arising in the time fractional diffusion-wave equation,
in P. Rusev, I. Dimovski and V. Kiryakova (Editors), "Transform Methods and Special Functions, Sofia 1994", Science Culture Technology, Singapore (1995),
[Invited Lecture, Proc. Workshop on Transform Methods and Special Functions, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12-17 August 1994]

[51] F. Mainardi :
Fractional diffusive waves in viscoelastic solids,
in J.L. Wegner and F.R. Norwood (Editors), "Nonlinear Waves in Solids", ASME book No AMR 137, Fairfield NJ (1995), pp. 93-97.
[Abstract in Appl. Mech. Rev., Vol. 46 (12), 549 (1993)]
[Proc. IUTAM Symposium, University of Victoria, Canada, 15-20 August 1993]

[50] F. Mainardi :
On the initial value problem for the fractional diffusion-wave equation,
in S. Rionero and T. Ruggeri (Editors), "Waves and Stability in Continuous Media", World Scientific, Singapore (1994), pp. 246-251.
[Proc. VII-th WASCOM, Int. Conf. "Waves and Stability in Continuous Media", Bologna, Italy, 4-7 October 1993]

[49] F. Mainardi :
Fractional relaxation and fractional diffusion equations, mathematical aspects, in
W.F. Ames (Editor), Proceedings 12-th IMACS World Congress, Vol. 1, 329-332 (1994).
[GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, USA, 11-15 July 1994]

[48] F. Mainardi :
Fractional relaxation in anelastic solids,
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 211/212, 534-538 (1994).

[47] M.G. Angelucci, F. Tampieri and F. Mainardi :
Dynamics of an impurity in a 1-D periodic Burgers flow,
J. Physics A: Math. Gen., Vol. 27, L527-L532, (1994).

[46] F. Tampieri, F. Mainardi, M.E. Grella and M.G. Angelucci :
On passive tracer transport in a Burgers flow,
in P.L. Sachdev and R.E. Grundy (Editors), "Nonlinear Diffusion Phenomenon", Narosa Publ. House, New Dehli (1994), pp. 220-235.
[Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 7-11 December 1992]

[45] E. Grassi and F. Mainardi :
On attenuation of pressure waves in large arteries,
in I. Barbieri, E. Grassi, G. Pallotti and P. Pettazzoni (Editors), "Topics on Biomathematics", World Scientific, Singapore (1993), 265-271. [2-nd Int. Conference on Biomathematics, San Marino, 5-7 October 1992]

[44] F. Mainardi :
Energy propagation for dispersive waves in dissipative media,
Radiofisika [Radiophys. & Quantum Electr.] Vol. 36 (7), 650-664 (1993).

[43] F. Mainardi and D. Tocci :
Energy propagation in linear hyperbolic systems in the presence of dissipation,
in A. Donato and F. Oliveri (Editors), "Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problems: Theoretical, Applied, and Numerical Aspects", Vieweg, Braunschweig (1993) pp. 409-415.
[Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 43]

[42] F. Mainardi, D. Tocci and F. Tampieri :
On energy propagation for internal waves in dissipative fluids,
Il Nuovo Cimento, Vol. 107 B, 1337-1342 (1992).

[41] F. Mainardi, F. Tampieri and G. Vitali :
Dissipative effects on internal gravity waves in geophysical fluids,
Il Nuovo Cimento, Vol. 14 C, 391-399 (1991).